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Title: New Guy from Middle Tennessee
Post by: CharlieNoble on February 22, 2018, 04:17:43 PM

My name is Ed and I have been interested in Narrow Gauge since the middle 40's.
I've not had much of a chance to build a layout with 20 years in the military and moving here and there. I've settled down in Columbia, TN now and hope to fill my 11 x 19 room with HO and Hon3 something on the order of those lines that ran through Johnson's Tank (Johnson City), Elizabethton and Cranberry North Carolina. At those places I could connect with the early Southern RR, Clinchfield and the ET&WNC.
I see where the rolling stock for the ET&WNC has withered, especially the steam power so hopefully someone will point me toward the design sheet for the 4-6-0 Mogul engines used on this line.

Hope to be here for a while and meet those still active on this forum.