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HOn3 General Discussion Forum / Blackstone Track
« on: September 16, 2014, 11:58:44 PM »
Anyone tested the blackstone track?

Wondering if its worth ordering a loop to use as a test track i can set up on the dinning table from time to time.

Also any idea if they are producing points in the future. I seem to remember they were going to but not sure if it has eventuated. it would be a great system for module construction.

HOn3 General Discussion Forum / So I caved in and got a C-19
« on: September 05, 2014, 02:07:45 AM »
Ive had a nice westisde brass C-19 for a few years. An exceptional detailed loco but the motor was no good when i got it and ive never been able to revive its running ability.

So ive recently been selling so on30 stuff and i caved in this afternoon and bought myself a new Blackstone C-19 un lettered. I figure with all the frustration ive been going through to get the other one in operation i should save myself the stress and ejoy the hobby and just buy one.

Now to wait by the post box untill it turn up :-)

HOn3 General Discussion Forum / Casting Resin Parts?
« on: August 31, 2014, 05:27:36 PM »
Im wondering if there is anyone who has experience in casting with resin?

Ive been working on some masters to make workbenches, crates and other details to fill up scenes but im also considering making some flatcar under-frames or even boxcars in the future for my logging railroad.

Here is the information im following.

Model & Kit Building/Bashing / Backwoods Mine Build
« on: August 30, 2014, 01:17:53 AM »
A little scratch build i started a while ago. I think all up the material cost for this is at $5 so far.

Model & Kit Building/Bashing / Finished Diorama
« on: August 05, 2014, 07:51:18 PM »
Been working on this for a long time. Although not Hon3 it is a Ho Diorama and thought you guys mite enjoy the view.

HOn3 General Discussion Forum / Some Flatcars and loads.
« on: August 05, 2014, 07:47:43 PM »
Been working away on some things

Durango Press flat cars with Micro Trains couplers and some loads.

And a brass flat with a bit of extra detail.

Nice to be back at the bench.

For some time now i have been contemplating this.

I built a few modified bachmann 70 ton locos converted to hon3. Not a big fan of the look of the 70 tonner and want to do something completely different.

Im hoping that i can get some inspiration from you guys to produce a box cab locomotive or a centre cab locomotive.
I want to start with brass etchings to produce a master then possibly cast the loco shells in polyurethane with add on brass details like grills etcetera. Is this something that member here might be interested in seeing on the market?

HOn3 General Discussion Forum / Model Annimation
« on: March 03, 2014, 09:54:24 PM »
Hey guys im wondering if there are any members who have done any animation for any models?

With this new project layout / Diorama of mine im intending  to add some type of animations to add to the interest of the layout.
When i was looking into point motor controls (mentioned in another thread) i looked at using Lm555 timing ICs to control a servo motor.
I thought that if i get the circuit to work for servo control so i can get it to move 180 degrese i can do any number of small animations with the circuit for a few dollars.

Here are some ideas i have at the moment.
  • Water tank spout raise and lower with a pulley system to a servo with a wheel below the layout.
  • Dock crane. an easy 90 degree pivot on a loading dock. could have the crane mounted on the servo directly or have a linage system set up.
  • opening and closing of doors on buildings
  • operation of the shotgun carriage on my saw mill. Now this one will be complicated i think but ill see what i can work out when it comes to building the mill)

While on this subject of animation has anyone animated a fire some how. Im after a simple circuit to make a LED flash randomly and maybe have a barrel heater in a workshop or something. Any ideas?

DCC And Electronics / Point Control Systems
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:38:39 PM »
Im looking at point control systems and though I would get some lists down here with options we have.
I would like to generate some discussion on the issue of control for both toggle switch and DCC then following that the frog powering and things.

Please if you have used the systems listed or have other options add them

Tortoise Motors - Circuitron

Bullfrog - Fast Tracks

Servo Point Control - Various manufacturers and options for DC and DCC control

Peco Control - Find these as very damaging to hand laid turnouts and the shock that can be distributed to the rails and solder joints of the turnout

I guess along with all these systems there is the issue of powering the frog so what do you do for that and what systems area available.

This is all a new area for me but at the moment im looking at servo control as an option. Who has used them before?

I recently spent an evening building two Flat Cars from Durango Press.

The kits are white metal construction and do take some messing around to get them looking nice. How ever they do make nice finished cars and are a reasonable price so i thought i would list my construction notes.

Kits comes with a

- Single cast deck and car construction. This needed some cleaning up of some of the excess white metal from the casting process. Nothing a small needle file and some sanding sticks wont fix. Detail is very nice but i will note that the end of the cars was lacking and is a little messy so i filed it off square and flat and added 4 nut and bolt details to each end where the beams joins just to dress it up a little bit.

- Queen posts beams. needed a little clean up but nothing out of the ordinary.

- bolster beams were good an a simple file on the side that connects to the deck casting and they were ready to go.

- End detail casting. Two small plates that mount over the coupler boxes and add some detail. Quick sand and ready to go.

- Brass wire - Bend to make the tie rods. Good idea to mount the queen post beams and tie rods before the bolster beams and trucks.

- Brake cylinder and wheel , simple castings.

- Trucks, now these are frustrating. i hate white metal trucks because they are brittle and hard to align correctly so they wont make it on the cars but will end up as details somewhere on a layout or diorama.
Get some brass or microtrians ones.

Fairly straight forward assembly of the kit. just make sure you file the parts that make contact square before using CA to attach them. Kit took about and hour and the time consuming part is bending the wire for the tie rods.

Anyway an easy kit to build so grab one or two next time your at a show or the LHS and add them to your roster.

Layouts And Layout Construction And Design / Logging Style - Diorama Layout
« on: February 25, 2014, 05:59:51 PM »
About a week ago i made a decision to go back into HO scale Australian steam prototype. Fast forward a week and i had built a few 4 wheel wagon kits and was digging through some stored equipment and found a heap of code 55 hand layed points and once again that changed everything!

Well i thought i need a test track for HO and Hon3 so how about a simple run around. Next thing i know i have a 1200mm x 400mm Hon3 shunting layout. So with 5 turnouts layed and some ties down for the rest of the track im heading in the direction of a wharf layout so i can build a waterfront scene and some simple scratch built buildings.

The track work is simple and allows a short train to enter (maybe 3 cars pulled by a 3 truck shay or 4 cars pulled by my ge 70 ton) then spot the cars at the 3 various industries.

More hand laying of ties tonight and some photos to share i hope.

Suggestion Box / Cleaning up the home page?
« on: October 29, 2013, 01:01:33 AM »
I try to motivate myself as much as possible but at the moment i have no time to do any modelling at all. And any sapre time ido find is taken up by some other projects that people are waiting on me for.

I have a few rambling thoughts im throwing around my head. Please dont take offence to any of these as im just running of things from my head.

Firstly i think the home page looks a little boring and like any other Generic blog, forum using the same softwear. Maybe its time to customize a theme a little to make it different from the default?

I know you can remove the Simple Machines Forum logo that apprears. All you have to do is copy the gif image and create a blank one and repalce it in the websites file structure. You can even make it say Hon3 Forums

On another note i know it is nice to have news at the top of the main poage but seeing the first two things on the main home page as the comments about the Yahoo Group and The new forum moderator doest provide much interest for wondering traffic.

Is there a way to post the most recent topics up higher and maybe cut it back so it only shows modelling related posts in some way? after all thats what we come here for.

When i look at the home page i see lots of stuff that i think i dont rea;lly need to know. For example the board stats , theme select and top boards.

There is also Recent posts and recent topics. They both have a very simmilar function?

I think a big part of generating interest is an attractive home page. Something thats catching the eye and most modellers are visual people and like to see model photos or construction photos. Not sure how to incorporate this.

Maybe look at something with FLASH and get an advertisments up from manufactures?

hope some of these thoughts can give you some feedback. i think most forums start out slow and i tried it many years ago with a cycling forum. its a lot of work to create something good and you certainly have created a good site with information.
I have spent some time developing themes as well as logos and website banners or headers in the past. I would be happy to look into creating a website headder for this site but im not sure on the this forum softwear how to go about it.

Model & Kit Building/Bashing / The 2013 Fine Scale Minatures Kit
« on: August 13, 2013, 03:01:36 AM »
The latest kit from FSM is something for everyone. Nice to see the possibility of it fitting into a Hon3 layout.

Its a damn shame i have to many ubuilt kits to build before i can purchase another. Maybe i will get neaxt years kit.

Since we now have an area to put our Model and Kit Building/Bashing, I had this idea today and want to share something with the forum members here.

My main focus in the wonderful world of miniature trains is building structures.
I thought it would be nice to do a project that everyone on the forum can have a go at no matter there structure building experience and have something for their layout.

So to start Iím going to build a simple Garage with a Lean to on the side. The Garage will be made of timber siding and I will show how to distress, stain and then paint it for a weathered look. The lean to will be of tar paper with timber boards holding it on. I will show how to make nice tar paper out of paper from an art store. The roof will also be tar paper and I will make doors from stip wood. I will also share a few little scratch built details.

I hope this will get some of the plastic kit guys out here to join in on something that is actually easy and often a lot cheaper then the kits. Plesase let me know if your following along so it will motivate me to finish this.

Anyway im off to draw up a simple plan.

Model & Kit Building/Bashing / Trout Creek Engineering Log Cars
« on: August 12, 2013, 01:40:48 AM »
I started on these ages ago and im sure i took more photos but just found this one on my phone. Thought some might like to see whats in the box.
The castings in the kit are very nice and the design also alows you to shorten or lengthen them to your size. I can't remember what i paid for them but i bought 2 kits thinking it would make 2 cars but actually each box has enough for 2 Cars so when im dont there will be 4.
Hopefuly ill get one finished off at some stage. Ill try dig out the extra photos in the future of the construction.

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