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HOn3 General Discussion Forum / Some New Brass for the Slate Run RR
« on: March 04, 2012, 01:17:19 PM »
A friend of mine is getting out of HOn3 and sold me some vintage brass locos at a very reasonable price.

The largest is a NWSL model of a 50 ton GE end cab. Here is a picture with an HO standard gauge 70 ton GE end cab.

This one will be painted and lettered for the Slate Run RR.

The smallest is a 25 Ton GE loco sold by Mulvi Models. Cute little bugger.   This one will be painted an lettered for one of the online industries.

My personal favorite is this 30 ton Davenport offered by Westside Model Company. Other than covering up that Texaco logo, I have no intention of repainting it. Instead, it will be owned by a chemical company whose yet to be determined name will begin with the letter "N"

Challenges / Group Challenge: Pennslyvania Logging Caboose
« on: January 18, 2012, 10:35:22 AM »
My car for the Challenge will be a caboose based on this photo found on page 327 of Thomas Taber's "Ghost Lumber Towns of Central Pennsylvania" book. That book is No. 3 in the series: "Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania". I have established an e-mail relationship with Mr. Taber and the following photos are posted with his permission.

And a little more of a closeup.

First up will be to build a 26' flat car as the basis of the caboose.

I thought that it might be of interest to members here on the Forum, and serve as a resource to all HOn3 modelers, if we could begin compiling a list of manufacturers who have offered HOn3 rolling stock kits - either in the past or currently.  Some brief description of the kits available from the manufacturer, where & when they operated, and the quality of the kit and instructions would also be helpful.

I know that no one of us has all that information, but each of us might have information on three or four different manufacturers.  Once one member adds a manufacturer, any other member could jump in with additional information not included in previous posts.

Personally, I would find this information useful as I look for kits on the web or at train shows, and I'm sure others would find it both useful and informative.

New Product Announcements / Carstens "Slim Gauge Car" Book
« on: February 27, 2011, 08:09:51 AM »
I stopped by the Carstens booth at the Worlds Greatest Hobby Show in Edison, NJ yesterday.  They expect the second edition of their classic book to be ready for shipment in about two months.  If saw a copy of the first edition you know it has pictures and drawings of many narrow gauge freight and passenger cars.  It is really a 'must have' for anyone scratchbuilding narrow gauge rolling stock.  The first edition has long been out of print and I got mine on the used market for a premium price.  The new edition, at $19.95 (US) is quite a deal.  Here is a link the announcement on their website.

I have no relationship with Carstens other than having an article published in RMC.

My narrow gauge modeling will depict the Logging Railroad Era in Pennsylvania.  Although there are some prototype resources available on-line, my main resource is the "Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania" series of books.  So far I am working on building rolling stock either from kits or by scratchbuilding.  Since many of the available kits represent western US railroading, I am bashing or scratch building to more closely represent an eastern US flavor.  Then again, it is my railroad, so if you see a D&RGW or Westside caboose show up, I do not take prototype fidelity to an extreme. ;).

One of the things I like about lumbering in PA is the variety of wood-related industries that popped up around the saw mill.  Wood Chemical Plants, kindling mills,  paper mills, tanneries, clothes pin factories and other wood manufacturing plants of other types, all add variety to what can be included on a layout.  Some of the logging railroads also served the oil fields or coal mines that were often in the area also.

I will use this thread to document my progress (slow as it usually is) on the Slate Run.

Welcome aboard! / Bruce (Dutchman)
« on: February 23, 2011, 09:43:12 AM »
I just signed on and thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Bruce (Dutchman) and I live in northern New Jersey.  I model in HO and HOn3.  I call my HO layout the Jersey Highlands RR.  The narrow gauge logging branch is called the Slate Run RR.  There really was a Slate Run Railroad in Pennsylvania which is what my logging branch will depict.  Since much of the available rolling stock and motive power is more representative of narrow gauge railroading in the west, I am scratchbuilding or modifying a lot of my rolling stock.

So far, I have only completed a small 2' X 2' diorama to take pictures on, but I hope to start working on the narrow gauge branch later this year.

Here is a shot showing a bit of that diorama.

Although I am a member of a few other forums and an administrator on one, I look forward to participating in a forum focusing on HOn3 modeling.

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