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Re: Re Motoring Hon3
« Reply #15 on: September 16, 2014, 11:55:58 PM »
Ive found the same problem with the NMRA gauge. To get one to Australia the postage is 3 times the actual gauge. I guess it could be checked with a caliper set.

Anyway ive bit the bullet and will let you know how i go with this. I ordered some NWSl stuff and also a motor from Hollywood foundary in Australia.

The list goes like this for the moment.
36-1 Idler Gearbox kit, 2.4mm axle (i hope its the right one! and not a 3mm)
1.5mm LH Wormshaft Conversion for 0.3mod gearbox - Converts the input shaft above to a 1.5mm shaft
1.5mm universal set
NWSL Puller
NWSL Quarterer

Then from Hollywood Foundry.
Mashiama 1220 motor with a press fit 10mm flywheel.

Cost for parts (no tools) is $80

With any luck ill be able to install this gearbox and motor combination and quarter the wheels. following that getting some decent electrical pick up and ill be on the way to a nice runner.

Fingers crossed. Iwill keep you up to date and take pics of the install for you.
Cheers Adrian

HOn3 Logging Modeler from Down Under