Author Topic: 35th Narrow Gauge Convention  (Read 1785 times)


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35th Narrow Gauge Convention
« on: September 07, 2015, 09:10:17 AM »
Just got back from the NG Convention in Houston, all was just like it was suppose to be. Most of all the vendors where there and the home layouts were very nice. The convention had about 4-5 layouts at the convention and the HOn3 group modular layout was very nicely done. Blackstone had a clinic on the K-36 and told us about how slow the project is coming along, the K-28 and K-36 will be manufactured by a different manufacture, the vendor will be the one that manufactures the Bachmann Spectrum engines. One other thing was that there will be no more engines offered in the weathered paint scheme, reason was, too many engines would not rum properly because of paint getting on the wheels and running gear, plus every where else. The new Blackstone Reefers where there too and are being shipped to vendors as we speak, they are the same quality as the other cars they manufacture. The convention looked like an ARPP convention, not may below the age of 65, don't know how long NG can survive at this rate. Worst thing was the Houston traffic, it took forever to go anywhere, most didn't do too many home layouts.